Professional Electrical Services in Parma

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Professional Electrical Services in Parma, OH

Residents and companies have distinctive requirements and need trustworthy electrical services in Parma, Ohio. To get reliable and experienced assistance in solving these problems, connect with North Royalton Electric, your local provider of electrical solutions.

Our Electrician Services


Routine electrical inspections enhance efficiency and safety. Qualified Parma electricians at North Royalton Electric provide proper, thorough inspections. Improved electrical system performance and early risk identification are only two benefits of inspections.


Panel upgrades are necessary to ensure safety and meet the growing needs of modern appliances. North Royalton Electric can assess the current panel’s performance and recommend appropriate modifications. Modern panels reduce the risk of electrical overload and accidents.

DIY light installation

North Royalton Electric offers complete lighting solutions in your area. Fixture installations, electrical rewiring, and personalized lighting plans are among the services provided. The company can improve the appearance and functionality of external and interior lighting with expertise.


We take great pride in providing electrical solutions in Parma for newly constructed and restored buildings. North Royalton Electric guarantees smooth and efficient installation of electrical systems by collaborating with builders, contractors, and homeowners. The team’s flexibility also helps to achieve project deadlines and requirements.


Electrical safety precautions are essential for protecting people and property. GFCI installations and childproofing are two safety measures that North Royalton Electric provides. The company is proactive in identifying and mitigating potential electrical hazards.

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It is essential to troubleshoot electrical systems promptly to maintain longevity. North Royalton Electric takes pride in its ability to determine and resolve electrical issues quickly and efficiently. The team’s expertise in locating electrical problems and implementing practical solutions helps prevent risks and disruptions.

Why Choose North Royalton Electric?

Same-Day Service

The company affirms its commitment to promptly and effectively complete client requirements. We can address urgent electrical problems efficiently and flexibly, providing same-day assistance. Our process optimizes our arrival at the project site by 30 minutes. 

Emergency Services Available 24/7

In the event of an electrical emergency, the company’s preparation makes it easier to assist customers. Being available around the clock to address unforeseen issues is only one of our many advantages as a reputable electrical contractor in Parma. North Royalton Electric promises to deliver trustworthy support when customers most need it.

Experienced Professionals

We have 43 years of combined experience coming from Steve and Lindsey, our father–daughter team. Steve is a highly skilled plumber, electrician, and gas line contractor certified by the DOT. 

Quality Workmanship

We can ensure customer satisfaction by performing the work perfectly the first time because of the company’s dedication to offering every project with the highest caliber of craftsmanship. North Royalton Electric aims to provide high-quality electrical services in Parma while prioritizing the needs of our clients.

Licensed and Insured

Due to its full licensing and insurance, North Royalton Electric has a reputation for professionalism and reliability. These credentials provide clients with safety and peace of mind. North Royalton Electric strictly upholds the rules and guidelines in the industry, proving our continuous dedication to offering top-notch services.

Transparent Pricing

Our clients know our prices in advance so they know what to expect. The business commits to offering fair and competitive pricing for each service—we don’t have hidden charges to foster transparency and customer trust.


Contact Us Today for Expert Electrical Solutions!

Cutting corners in your electrical systems is risky. When you invest in expert electrical services in Parma, you can feel secure knowing that a reputable company like North Royalton Electric is handling your electrical needs. 

Our team of qualified electricians is here to ensure that your electrical systems are secure, dependable, and long-lasting. We can help with installation, maintenance, repairs, and emergency services. For all of your electrical needs, put your trust in the pros. 

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emergency call - 24/7

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